Melon Farmer

American commercial television networks need to loosen up. This is not news, of course, but I’m still often amused and/or annoyed by the choices network censors make. It’s a given that R-rated movies will be edited for television, but why must the poopy words be overdubbed with weak, non-poopy equivalents? What ever happened to the… Continue reading Melon Farmer

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A Logo Positio

Molly’s site is busted (as of this writing) and has been for much of the day. Through a bit of viewsourcery I tracked the problem down to an apparent corruption of her “screen.css” file, which suddenly truncates at a#logo {positio and stops, so whatever style rules are meant to come after… don’t. The broken rule… Continue reading A Logo Positio

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Time Enough

A few weeks after it was published I picked up Bulletproof Web Design, Dan Cederholm’s latest contribution to the web standards bookshelf, and indeed to the betterment of all humankind. I was going to hold out until a second pressing so I could get the elusive page 196, but I just couldn’t wait and had… Continue reading Time Enough