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Consumption Backlog

It has been nearly three months since my last post, mainly because I just haven’t had much to say. Here’s a batch review of what I’ve been doing instead of blogging, in no particular order. X-Men: The Last Stand — Pretty good, but not as good as the first two. Penguin by Design : A […]


This is, quite possibly, the perfect movie. Not that it’s especially good mind you, in fact quite the opposite. But Krull is the perfect movie in much the same way that watermelon Jolly Ranchers have the perfect flavor: it’s completely unrealistic but very enjoyable if you accept it for what it is. Line up every […]


I just finished reading Syrup, the debut novel by clever young Aussie Max(x) Barry, who is in the early stages of what I hope grows into a long and successful career. He’s gained some recent notoriety for his second novel, Jennifer Government, which I also thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend. I loved Jenny Gov. enough […]