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Inking Table

Inking table on Flickr

Inking table, originally uploaded by Craig C..

Finally got around to setting up my Flickr account to post to the blog, so this is a test, as well as a preview of the Impending Redesign, as I dramatically refer to it. Note the capitalization, that’s where the drama comes from. The image you see inked on my table, ready for scanning and coloring, will be featured on the new home page. There will be a total of four comic illustrations: one for the home page, and three more as headers on each section of the site. Stay tuned.

2 Comments on 'Inking Table'

  1. creyg said:

    u have phd in wakness.

  2. Craig said:

    Allrighty then. I’m not hip to all the lingo kids use these days, so I’m electing to take that as a compliment.