Naked Day II

CSS Naked Day is upon us again, a festive event wherein numerous websites (mostly the personal sites of web designers) temporarily strip themselves of their stylistic vestments and reveal their content otherwise unadorned. It vividly demonstrates the separation of presentation from content; when the presentation layer is removed from the equation the content left behind… Continue reading Naked Day II

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Grokking Deutsche

Shortly after How To Grok Web Standards was published on A List Apart I was contacted independently by two gentlemen, both wishing to translate the article into German; Eric Eggert on behalf of the German-language web standards boosters society,, and later by a nice chap named Stefan David. ALA controls the copyright to all… Continue reading Grokking Deutsche


My first article for A List Apart, How to Grok Web Standards, has gone live with issue 230. I’m giddy with excitement, as this is a fairly momentous event in my career. ALA has been instrumental in my growth as a web designer-slash-developer, and to think that I have progressed to the point where I… Continue reading Grok