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CS3 Hoops

Well the book is at last entering the stages of copy-editing and pre-production. One of my duties now is to review the press-ready layouts in PDF format as they become available, to make any final tweaks and edits. This requires highlighting passages and adding comments in a PDF file, which requires a full-blown version of […]

SEO and WordCamp

I attended the first WordCamp on Saturday, August 5 in San Francisco. While I’ve heard no official headcount, I’d estimate about 200 bloggers rallied at the Swedish American Hall to bond over a shared enthusiasm for the bundle of open-source code that drives the words you’re reading right now. Sessions were loose and informal discussions, […]

Melon Farmer

American commercial television networks need to loosen up. This is not news, of course, but I’m still often amused and/or annoyed by the choices network censors make. It’s a given that R-rated movies will be edited for television, but why must the poopy words be overdubbed with weak, non-poopy equivalents? What ever happened to the […]