CS3 Hoops

Well the book is at last entering the stages of copy-editing and pre-production. One of my duties now is to review the press-ready layouts in PDF format as they become available, to make any final tweaks and edits. This requires highlighting passages and adding comments in a PDF file, which requires a full-blown version of… Continue reading CS3 Hoops

SEO and WordCamp

I attended the first WordCamp on Saturday, August 5 in San Francisco. While I’ve heard no official headcount, I’d estimate about 200 bloggers rallied at the Swedish American Hall to bond over a shared enthusiasm for the bundle of open-source code that drives the words you’re reading right now. Sessions were loose and informal discussions,… Continue reading SEO and WordCamp

Melon Farmer

American commercial television networks need to loosen up. This is not news, of course, but I’m still often amused and/or annoyed by the choices network censors make. It’s a given that R-rated movies will be edited for television, but why must the poopy words be overdubbed with weak, non-poopy equivalents? What ever happened to the… Continue reading Melon Farmer

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