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Dog Soldiers, Garage Days, 1984

If you don’t already know, Netflix is a subscription-based online DVD rental service. You pay a monthly fee to get movies sent to you by mail, with prepaid return envelopes. You can keep the movies as long as you like, and you can pay a higher fee to get more movies out at one time, […]

The Future of g.fc

Every live website is perpetually under construction. That’s just the nature of the medium. I have some ideas for enhancements and changes to my own site, some of which I may even get around to in the near future. Many of them can be accomplished through integrating various WordPress plugins, so it’s just a case […]

Up for Review

The always-insightful D. Keith Robinson has sparked another interesting round of discussion with his two recent posts, attempting to pin down just what factors make a weblog worth reading. I, being a whiney lonely little nobody, lamented my lack of readership. But it wasn’t just whining, really, I swear. There’s a point to it. My […]