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Cube, Thirteen Conversations, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Cube The plot: A group of people wake up to find themselves trapped in a mysterious cube-shaped maze laden with deadly booby traps. This was some obscure Canadian movie that was released direct to video in the US, where it built a minor cult following. I saw it a few years ago on the Sci […]

Ham Addendum: Image Replacement

I was just reminded of another means of obscuring an email address which I neglected to mention in my previous Maximizing Ham article: displaying an email address as an image. By using an image such as instead of in-line text, you fool harvesters who see nothing but code. This trick was pretty popular a few […]

Maximizing Ham

I have seven email addresses: two at this domain (one personal, one administrative), one at Yahoo, one at Hotmail, one at Gmail, one spamtrap at facehugger, and one at work. All of these addresses combined get an average of about 5 spams per day. Yes, I said five. Even the spamflow into my facehugger trap […]