I, Robot

I haven’t written a review in a long time because, well, there are thousands of other reviews out there and my opinion really doesn’t matter. But along comes a movie like I, Robot which just spews lameness from so many angles I simply can’t withhold comment. This flick sucked. I suppose it’s moderately entertaining on… Continue reading I, Robot

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Prospect Performance Scam Update

Note: This update refers to a previous post, Cheesy TV Ads are an Elaborate Privacy Scam. A scant two days after revealing the dirty dealings behind the “work at home” ads, a privacy policy was added to the xcareer/xmoney/xwhatever-else websites. The timing of this is curious, as my post was quickly indexed by Google and… Continue reading Prospect Performance Scam Update

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Cheesy TV Ads are an Elaborate Privacy Scam

Update: A privacy policy was added on August 3, 2004. See the post Prospect Performance Scam Update for more info. I caught an interesting commercial last night on BBC America. And by “interesting” I mean “sickeningly sleazy and deeply disturbing.” You see a Generic White Man in front of a computer, speaking miscellaneous vaguaries about… Continue reading Cheesy TV Ads are an Elaborate Privacy Scam

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