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Grokking Deutsche

Shortly after How To Grok Web Standards was published on A List Apart I was contacted independently by two gentlemen, both wishing to translate the article into German; Eric Eggert on behalf of the German-language web standards boosters society,, and later by a nice chap named Stefan David. ALA controls the copyright to all […]


My first article for A List Apart, How to Grok Web Standards, has gone live with issue 230. I’m giddy with excitement, as this is a fairly momentous event in my career. ALA has been instrumental in my growth as a web designer-slash-developer, and to think that I have progressed to the point where I […]

2006, Obligatory Year-In-Review

‘Tis that time again, when one reflects on the past year and begins planning for the year to come. Looking back on this year’s blog archives I notice once major theme: I didn’t say much. Alas, almost the entire year passed in a wholly unremarkable way, right up until October when everything happened all at […]