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SXSW Pre-Flight Checklist

To do before leaving home:

  • Pay all bills due between 3/9 and 3/20
  • Take out trash
  • Remove dishes from sink, perhaps to clean
  • Consume or otherwise dispose of highly perishable food items
  • Set to record 24 (Fox, Monday March 13, 9-10PM)
  • Turn off bedroom alarm clock in consideration of neighbors
  • Leave a light on

To bring with:

  • Digital camera
  • Rechargable batteries for digital camera
  • Charger for rechargable batteries for digital camera
  • Laptop computer
  • USB cable to transfer images from digital camera to laptop computer
  • Network cable and/or wireless network card, to transfer images from laptop computer to Flickr
  • Geek cred
  • Cell phone
  • Charger for cell phone
  • Business cards
  • Wallet for business cards
  • Plenty of room in card wallet for other people’s business cards
  • Purell
  • Pocket notebook or Hipster PDA
  • Modifyable layers of clothing for varying climates
  • Multiple black t-shirts
  • Clean socks for 7 days
  • 5 extra pairs of clean socks
  • Dr. Scholl’s® Massaging Gel Insoles
  • Cash for meals and drinks
  • ATM card for more cash for more drinks
  • Ibuprofen

4 Comments on 'SXSW Pre-Flight Checklist'

  1. Adam Schilling said:

    Hehe. Geek cred, don’t leave home without it.

  2. Jon Hicks said:

    Don’t forget your drinking pants, your socialising hat and your socks (for Malarkey to ebay afterwards).

  3. Craig said:

    That’s why the 5 extra pairs of socks are so important.

  4. Mr snrub said:

    I hope to god there are some fresh undies in there too!