Paper Paranoia

Identity theft is primarily a low-tech crime, as mentioned in this article via slashdot: More Identity Theft Offline Than Online. For those reluctant to RTFA, the story outlines the results of a government study on identity theft. 72% of the cases surveyed were offline thefts (traced back to a lost wallet, stolen mail, or plain… Continue reading Paper Paranoia

Being Sociable

I attended an impromptu WordPress meetup in San Francisco today. Others who showed up (listed in no particular order) were Matt Mullenweg, Nicole Lee, Om Malik, Marc Weidenbaum, Ryan King, Scott Beale, Chris Messina, and Glenda Whose Last Name I Didn’t Catch And I Didn’t Really Get To Talk To Because She Had To Leave… Continue reading Being Sociable

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Greg “Airbag” Storey is running a design contest to produce a logo for his friend’s new company, with the designer of the chosen logo set to receive an iPod shuffle, an Airbag Industries t-shirt, and a stack of Jewelboxes. But even more notable than the contest is the heated comment thread over at the ‘Bag… Continue reading Contested

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