Being Sociable

I attended an impromptu WordPress meetup in San Francisco today. Others who showed up (listed in no particular order) were Matt Mullenweg, Nicole Lee, Om Malik, Marc Weidenbaum, Ryan King, Scott Beale, Chris Messina, and Glenda Whose Last Name I Didn’t Catch And I Didn’t Really Get To Talk To Because She Had To Leave Early. Some topics discussed (also in no particular order) were comment and referrer spam, data archiving, the Mac Mini, mobile blogging, blog addiction, news aggregators, tech envy, domain squatting, and much discussion of features in future releases of WordPress. Frankly, a lot of it was way over my head. I’m pretty geeky, but these folks are Hard Core Geek. I am in awe of their geekly prowess.

This is the first such confab I’ve been a part of, and it was a little odd being able to use the word “blog” freely in a social setting without that little winge of embarassment I’ve grown accustom to. I hope to meet more bloggers in the future when the opportunity presents itself. I had a good time and I heartily recommend the chicken tikka masala.


  1. You weren’t the only one who felt out-geeked. I, too am used to being ‘the geek,’ and I always find it weird to be surrounded by other geeks.

  2. But you did have the biggest Powerbook and the smallest camera, that scores some major geek points.

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