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Rejoining the Cult

Well I finally did it. I bought a Mac. A 15.4″ 1.83GHz MacBook Pro, to be precise. It’s the first Mac I’ve owned since 1995, the first I’ve owned to run OS X, and my very first Apple notebook. I’ve had it for six days now, which was five days longer than it took to […]

Obligatory SXSW06 Retrospective

With all the Suckswuh-related blogging and Flickring and podcasting permeating the internets this week, it almost seems like actual attendance is optional. This is, of course, not true. While one may attempt to live vicariously through a feed reader and a photo stream, it’s a poor substitute for actually being there. It’s been said before […]

Penciled In

About 10 months ago I started working on a redesign of Focal Curve. It was to be inspired by two things I love: science fiction and comics. It was to be drastic and fresh and cool, rich in color and detail. It was to bring with it technological advancements, enhanced functionality and long-desired features I […]