Inking Table

Inking table, originally uploaded by Craig C.. Finally got around to setting up my Flickr account to post to the blog, so this is a test, as well as a preview of the Impending Redesign, as I dramatically refer to it. Note the capitalization, that’s where the drama comes from. The image you see inked… Continue reading Inking Table

Scooping Kottke

The humble hyperlink is the very cornerstone of the World Wide Web. Moreover, links to cool stuff are vital to the practice of blogging. Sure there’s the whole personal publishing thing, the sharing with the world our knowledge and opinions. But what makes a blog a blog is the occasional frivolous link to some nifty/informative/funny/weird… Continue reading Scooping Kottke

Scott Richter Update 2005

Somehow my post from May 12th, 2004 titled “Scott Richter is a Lying Scumbag” has made it to the #2 result (as of this writing) when Googling the name Scott Richter, even outranking actual Legitimate News Media Outlets. And today I’ve noticed a sudden surge in clicks from search engines pointing to that article (it… Continue reading Scott Richter Update 2005

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