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The Evil Entity

I want better HTML character entities. Or rather, better rendering of the entities we already have. I want ' to produce a proper, curly apostrophe instead of the dull and incorrect ' we get now, and I want IE to support it too (if you’re using IE you probably see the unrendered entity, or if […]

Reflections on WOW

This past weekend (Fri–Sun) I attended the WOW Web Design and Project Management conference in Cupertino, a three-day introductory bootcamp on web standards led by Molly don’t-forget-the-E. Holzschlag, Aaron Gustafson, and Andy Clarke. It was great to see Andy again after we hung out quite a bit at SXSW05, and it was equally great to […]

Swearing Off Hacks with Conditional Comments

A hack, in CSS parlance, refers to exploiting a CSS parsing bug unique to a particular user-agent to deliver alternative style rules or declarations to that agent, usually in order to compensate for some rendering bug also unique to the targeted agent. In plain English, a hack means using one bug to correct another. CSS […]