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Nightmare on Memory Lane

Today, in an admirably bold move, Jon Hicks ripped the dust covers off his skeletons and revealed his sordid past. I commend Jon’s bravery, his honesty, his willingness to subject himself to the ridicule of the standardistas. I mean, seriously Jon, Tripod!? Tsk tsk. Everybody knows real designers use GeoCities. But, not wishing to leave […]

More on Hiding Skip Links

After the recent and now-infamous WordPress hidden articles debacle, the notion of using negative positioning to hide content from visual browsers has gained a new complication to consider. Google (and other search engines, I presume) have explicit rules forbidding this kind of content “cloaking,” but as yet they obviously don’t have an automated means of […]

Where’s Ethan?

Just when you thought it had all gone away… Durstan has been located but now Ethan‘s gone missing from the cover. I swear this is my last contribution to this meme (unless it gets funny again, then I’ll probably beat the horse to jelly). But, it being April 1st and all, I simply couldn’t let […]