Nightmare on Memory Lane

Today, in an admirably bold move, Jon Hicks ripped the dust covers off his skeletons and revealed his sordid past. I commend Jon’s bravery, his honesty, his willingness to subject himself to the ridicule of the standardistas. I mean, seriously Jon, Tripod!? Tsk tsk. Everybody knows real designers use GeoCities. But, not wishing to leave… Continue reading Nightmare on Memory Lane

More on Hiding Skip Links

After the recent and now-infamous WordPress hidden articles debacle, the notion of using negative positioning to hide content from visual browsers has gained a new complication to consider. Google (and other search engines, I presume) have explicit rules forbidding this kind of content “cloaking,” but as yet they obviously don’t have an automated means of… Continue reading More on Hiding Skip Links

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Where’s Ethan?

Just when you thought it had all gone away… Durstan has been located but now Ethan‘s gone missing from the cover. I swear this is my last contribution to this meme (unless it gets funny again, then I’ll probably beat the horse to jelly). But, it being April 1st and all, I simply couldn’t let… Continue reading Where’s Ethan?