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Browser Elitism Relapse

I suppose I should have expected to get roasted on that last post. It’s what I get for dipping my inexpert toes into a hotly-debated pool. So I’ll clarify my position thusly: Yes, presentation should be separated from behavior. Yes, a form field achieves a state of focus through an event. Yes, events should ideally […]

I’m a Recovering Browser Elitist

There’s been some recent discussion about the separation of style and behavior, ever since Derek Featherstone found the head of the nail and Jeremy Keith dropped the hammer. While I’m all in favor of keeping the presentation layer segregated from the behavior layer (and both kept apart from the structure/content layer), there seem to be […]

In-Flight Logo Quiz

Winging my way to SXSW, I was thumbing through the March issue of American Way, the American Airlines in-flight magazine. Amidst the numerous ads for Argentinian barbecue restaurants (what’s up with that anyway?) I came across this splash graphic introducing an article on how corporate sponsorships are ruining professional sports… or something like that. I […]