Dictionary Attack Update

Well the on-going dictionary attack continues to go on. I’ve decided that it’s not a “true” dictionary attack because the addresses targeted aren’t nearly random enough. They’re all reasonable-seeming usernames (like Salazar, May, Dawson, etc) rather than the kind of bob1, bob2, bob3 progression normally characteristic of a dictionary attack. My current assumption is that… Continue reading Dictionary Attack Update

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The Essential (Software) Mix

As mentioned previously, I reformatted my laptop recently and installed a fresh virginal Windows XP. Then began the task of reinstalling all the of software I need. Here’s my list of essentials (some are obvious no-brainers, I’m just including them here for completeness). Photoshop Illustrator HomeSite – my favorite text editor. Dreamweaver – I find… Continue reading The Essential (Software) Mix

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Big Mail and Lots Of It

Yesterday I joined the ranks of the Internet elite: I acquired a gmail account. A friend of mine had been scrounging for a while to get one and finally found somebody willing to pass out an invite after a meager financial exchange. Within about a week of activation my friend was granted three invitations of… Continue reading Big Mail and Lots Of It