Yellow is the New Blue

Dave Shea of CSS Zen Garden fame has today launched a radical redesign of his website. It’s getting quite a reaction and some mixed reviews, mainly because it’s very different from the previous design. Personally, I’m on the fence a bit. While it still has some kinks to work out, I’m sure it’ll grow on… Continue reading Yellow is the New Blue

Why Bulk Email *Is* Spam

I found this little spammer whine by way of spamNEWS, a daily email newsletter I subscribe to that aggregates news about spam (which should be obvious from the title). In this particular pro-spam editorial (under the guise of a “press release”), a spammer called Joseph Then attempts to once again play the redefinition game (see… Continue reading Why Bulk Email *Is* Spam

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Vicarious Tourism

I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the better part of four years and have barely experienced a tenth of the cool stuff there is to see and do here. I live alone and don’t really have a social life to speak of, so I really just don’t have occasion to get out… Continue reading Vicarious Tourism

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