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2003, The Obligatory Year in Review

The new year is upon us and ’tis the season to look back on everything we just lived through. G.fc has continued to flounder, with little or no community activity and very low traffic. It’s become very much a personal project, essentially my own blog with occasional contributions from a few good friends. The impending […]

YOU-CAN-SPAM Federal Law vs. California Spam Ban

I haven’t yet weighed in on this briskly-debated issue since everyone else is doing a pretty good job covering the ground. For those who don’t know what the fuss is all about: Two months ago California then-governor Gray Davis signed into law a bill which would make unsolicited commercial email illegal. This law would require […]

Impending Site Overhaul

I’ve been unhappy with PHP-Nuke (our content management system) for quite some time. Mainly because the guy who built it is kind of a jerk, but it also seems to have some stability and security issues. G.fc is running on PHP-Nuke 5.6. Version 7 is in beta right now, though I haven’t ever upgraded since […]