Going Naked

Last week Dustin Diaz proposed the First Annual Naked Day, wherein one temporarily removes all author CSS, exposing the pure HTML to demonstrate the separation of content from presentation. A well-structured site should remain fully functional and usable, even with default browser styling.

So, on a lark and at the last minute, I jumped on the bandwagon. This site will remain unstyled throughout the day of April 5, 2006 … 04/05/06, cool how that worked out, eh? If you’re reading this in the archives, well, you missed it. Maybe next year. Or you can make every day Naked Day by disabling author styles in your browser of choice. If you’re seeing this post via feedreader it probably looks as it always does, so click on over and check me out in all my glorious SFW nudity.

Screen capture of this site with author CSS removed

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  1. Interesting concept Craig. Only those stick-in-the-mud non-CSS, table based designers will refuse to take part im sure.

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