Lunch Group (Suckswuh Day 3)

After two excellent sessions — Emergent Semantics and How to be Beautiful: More Hi-Fi Design With CSS — a large and diverse group coalesced and embarked in search of food. At some point the group split into two factions, with the group I was in falling behind, losing track of the leading group, and finally deciding “screw ’em, we’ll find our own lunch.” So the remaining dozen of us descended upon a Thai restaurant on 6th street. The food was good, the conversation stimulating, the service slow. Midway through, I pulled out the Handy Dandy Notebook and sent it around for another met-roll seating chart, counter-clockwise from my right:


  1. LOL, yes, the ultimate hipster accessory … the notebook!

    Good meeting you — as for the food, that wasn’t Thai!! Come over here to Britland and we’ll show you some good thai!

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