Coming Attractions

Yes, I’ve been slack on the blogging front. Or so it would seem. Truth is I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been busily grinding away at a complete redesign, not only of the blog but of the front site as well. The revamp will include an upgrade to WordPress 1.5. I started the project with a pre-release nightly build some time in mid-January and honestly wasn’t expecting 1.5 to hit the streets before I was done (when asked a few weeks before the release, Matt did hint strongly that it was on the cusp).

coming attractions

I set myself a personal deadline of March 1 so I’d still have some time for hotfixes and tweaks before SXSW, so this weekend will be the final crunch. Stay tuned…

Update : Relaunch successful at around midnight on February 28th. A more detailed post-mortem is forthcoming. I haven’t yet had the chance to test it in Mac browsers so I’m sure some bugs are still lurking, as well as a few other bits and pieces to tweak.

Update : Evidently there’s a problem, but I’ll have to address it later.

Update: More issues, mainly .htaccess stuff for IE/Win. What a pain.

Update: The IE redirect issue is resolved. I had previously been displaying the recent posts on the front page by hooking into the WordPress loop. That was causing issues because the blog lives in the geek subdomain while the main site lives at the domain root, so I was effectively accessing the functions of one site from another completely separate site. The recent posts are now displayed by simply pulling the RSS feed, which is how it should have been done to begin with. Also fixed the portfolio thumbnails in Opera (which should hopefully fix the same issue in Safari, though I have no Mac to verify with). Now for some style-fu to make things presentable in IE5.x/Win…

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