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Bureaucrats Finally Starting to Get It

A few things happened this week in the fight against invasive marketing. Foremost is the announcement that the very first arrests under the federal CAN-SPAM act have been made. Arrest warrants were issued for four spammers in the Detroit area on the grounds that they sent fraudulent emails hawking weight loss pills, though two of […]


Well, ok, it’s not really the First Post in the most technical sense, but it’s the first truly NEW post since the change of venue. I still have some more old stuff to add in, but first I’ll need to get the archiving sorted out. The left-side menu is already an unweildy height (especially on […]

Impending site overhaul update: Overhauled

Update: 4.29.04 As you may have guessed if you’re reading this now, the relaunch has occured and I’m now in a spiffy new weblog format. Still plenty of kinks to iron out, numerous css bugs to address (many in IE, no surprise) and old content to be imported, but here it is. I’ll be fiddling […]