Well, ok, it’s not really the First Post in the most technical sense, but it’s the first truly NEW post since the change of venue. I still have some more old stuff to add in, but first I’ll need to get the archiving sorted out. The left-side menu is already an unweildy height (especially on pages with short content, a separate layout issue to be dealt with eventually) and the monthly archive list will just continue to grow to annoying proportions. So the intent is to remove that from the left menu and create a central archive page, linked from the top menu. I’ll get to it.

I’ll also need to add the obligatory “About” and “Contact” pages to the top menu, and I suppose somewhere I should provide a more prominent link back over to the other site. I suppose it’s a lucky thing this site has so few visitors, I have plenty of time to mess around with it and leave things unfinished. The site was offline for a few hours last night as I was purging the old Nuke version and installing the WordPress version. Oddly enough, in those few short hours, my friend the googlebot came a-crawling and managed to cache my temporary placeholder page.

When I decided to launch this weblog, I also decided to try my best to post something every day. It is now day 2 and already I’m at a loss. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…