Recursive Twitter pimp:

Christian Heilmann pimped craig’s twitter:…

I too have fallen victim to Twitter‘s addictive seduction. It can be quite a time-sink, at least until the novelty wears off. Took about a week for me. As Chris notes, there is a tendency for some to use Twitter as a mass-IM forum, holding entire back-and-forth conversations for the world to see. I do try to avoid that, preferring to address my twitterings to the world at large, though often in response to something someone else just posted.

As with most other “Web 2.0” social network navel-gazing venues, my first reaction to Twitter was “what’s the point?” Surely nobody cares what I’m doing at any given moment, so why should I bother telling them about it? And so I resisted for a while, refusing to join out of sheer against-the-herd coolness, feigning disinterest while finding myself drawn to Twitter, checking in regularly to see what everyone was up to until I finally caved in and joined up. I’m a late adopter, waiting until the bandwagon has gotten up to full speed before jumping on.

I’m not behind the times; I’m fashionably late.