Bad Dream

I had a really strange nightmare last night. The details are kind of fuzzy, but I do remember the gist of it. I dreamed that I had gone back in time, or perhaps been transported to another dimension, it was hard to tell which. I was living in a place filled with millions of mindless zombies. They looked just like normal people for the most part, except they were incapable of forming any independent thoughts, they simply followed instructions dictated to them by glowing boxes, and the boxes were everywhere to be seen. The zombies had no sense of individuality, they could only do what the boxes told them to do.

Millions of the zombies roamed the streets, swarming into buildings, all following the instructions of the boxes and doing a really bad thing, though I can’t remember what it was. And I was just screaming at them, trying to get their attention, asking them “why are you doing this bad thing? Why can’t you understand how wrong it is? What the hell are you thinking?” But the zombies could only regurgitate the simple instructions the box had given them, and could provide no real answers. With so many millions of zombies doing the box’s bidding without question, the bad thing could not be stopped.

And then the nightmare kind of tapered off and I don’t really remember if it ended, it seemed like it would just go on the same way for years. I finally woke up confused and sad and afraid, trying to shake this strange feeling that a really bad thing happened overnight and we’ll all suffer for it in the long run.