Brian Stood Up Martha

Heading to lunch at a nearby foodcourt, I saw this curious note on the sidewalk. It was weighed down with stones, so obviously it was a deliberate placement and not just a random scrap of paper that found its way there. Someone carefully wrote this note and carefully placed it right at the bottom of a staircase, right in the path of foot traffic where it was sure to be seen. The note reads:

Brian —
I couldn’t wait any longer — had to be at work at 10:15A.

Brian, I couldn't wait any longer, had to be at work at 10:15A, Sorry, Martha

Now what amazes me about this note is that I saw it at 1:30PM, and it was still there at 2:30 on my way back to work. The note can be dated prior to 10:15AM, so it was left there undisturbed by passers-by (including me) for several hours. I like to think everyone took some pity on Martha, patiently waiting for Brian to show up at their arranged meeting spot, tapping her foot, checking her watch, forced to give up with an exasperated sigh as she left this note forlornly weighed down with stones in hopes that Brian would discover it. The mind spins scenarios…

So Brian, if you’re out there, give Martha a call and apologize. And Martha, if you’re cute, give me a call, you deserve better than Brian.