The Page 23 Meme

For the past few days a meme has been spreading through most of the design blogs I read. I first saw it on Asterisk, then it spread to Hicks, Inman, Stopdesign, Binary Bonsai, Airbag and many others. In a few short days it has overrun this segment of the weblogging community (I refuse to use the term “blogosphere”). Well far be it from me to go against the crowd.

It goes thusly: Pick up the nearest book, turn to page 23, find the fifth sentence on that page, and post the sentence on your own blog (or in a comment in the blog where you heard about it, but that’s not an official rule) along with these instructions. Simple as that. So here’s mine…

5. Enter a name or select an existing entry, and press menu/ok or [OK] (left softkey).

That remarkably dull quote is from page 23 of the instruction booklet for my new Sanyo 8100 mobile phone, which just happens to be the nearest book to where I’m sitting right now. Perhaps I should keep more interesting books on this desk.

I find it fascinating that hardly anyone in this widespread and learned community has remarked upon the obvious Illuminati trappings of this meme. The message is clear. Fnord.