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Re-enforcing Rule #3

Rule #3: Spammers are stupid. In another post to file under “you knew it would happen eventually,” I just got spam sent to an anonymous Spamcop email address. Allow me to explain why this is amusing: I’m a loyal user and supporter of Spamcop, a free spam blocklist and reporting service. When I get spam […]

Gmail Under Attack

Well it’s been months and my gmail account has now been compromised. I logged in the other day to find 11 spams in my spambox, none of them actually addressed to my actual address. Today it was 13. And 2 more just a few minutes ago. Most of them so far have been hawking pirated […]

Noteworthy Referral Flood

Checking my shortstats this evening, I see I’ve been slammed with another referrer spam attack. 111 hits in the space of a few minutes, seemingly coming from a website which did not, in fact, link to mine. Not only did they hit my home page, but they crawled all the various links on it, finding […]