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The Plot Sickens

Got an email from a guy named Mike : Aloha, I googled for “Guerra Communications” and found your article about that site being a huge scam. Well, i did some more poking around, and got this big huge list of websites that are also hosted on that ip address. You can view that list here: […]

Cheesy TV Ads are an Elaborate Privacy Scam

Update: A privacy policy was added on August 3, 2004. See the post Prospect Performance Scam Update for more info. I caught an interesting commercial last night on BBC America. And by “interesting” I mean “sickeningly sleazy and deeply disturbing.” You see a Generic White Man in front of a computer, speaking miscellaneous vaguaries about […]

Why Bulk Email *Is* Spam

I found this little spammer whine by way of spamNEWS, a daily email newsletter I subscribe to that aggregates news about spam (which should be obvious from the title). In this particular pro-spam editorial (under the guise of a “press release”), a spammer called Joseph Then attempts to once again play the redefinition game (see […]