Usability Week 2004, Day 2

Today was more of the same. Lots of theory, lots of procedural guidelines, little or no actual principles to put into practice. This seminar is intended for “usability professionals,” i.e., people whose job it is to test systems for usability and report on their findings. It is not for the designers and developers who then… Continue reading Usability Week 2004, Day 2

Usability Week 2004, Day 1

This week I’m attending Usability Week, a 5-day usability boot camp put on by the Nielsen Normal Group. As in Jakob Nielsen. Day 1 was a pretty low-level overview, covering the science of usability and going into some procedural detail about how to perform usability testing. Quite honestly, it was nothing I didn’t know already… Continue reading Usability Week 2004, Day 1


Well, ok, it’s not really the First Post in the most technical sense, but it’s the first truly NEW post since the change of venue. I still have some more old stuff to add in, but first I’ll need to get the archiving sorted out. The left-side menu is already an unweildy height (especially on… Continue reading FP!