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Greetings, internet. I last published a post on this weblog 1,125 days ago. A hundred and twelve generations of fruit flies have flourished and expired in that time. I’m breaking the silence here only to officially announce the death of this blog. I’m mothballing this sucker and will make no further updates. The blog will […]

The Blinky Backstory

I signed up for Flickr a little over four years ago. While I was going through the initial setup and exploratory tinkerings, I was presented with the opportunity to change my profile avatar from the default gray block to something a little more personal. I couldn’t think of anything original offhand, but I happened to […]

2007, Obligatory Year-in-Review

It’s been over six months since my last posting to this web log. I could offer excuses about being far too busy, and that would be true for some periods of my absence. But to be honest I haven’t blogged because I haven’t been motivated to do so. Oh, I’ve had plenty of ideas for […]