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The Plot Sickens

Got an email from a guy named Mike : Aloha, I googled for “Guerra Communications” and found your article about that site being a huge scam. Well, i did some more poking around, and got this big huge list of websites that are also hosted on that ip address. You can view that list here: […]

G’night Kitty

Posting pictures of one’s cat on the internet is so cliché. This will be my first and, alas, last indulgence. May eternity be rich with comfortable grocery bags.

Obligatory New Year Post

Ought Four is no more, Ought Five is alive. This is the time when everyone makes lists. I won’t be doing a year-in-review this time around, but here’s my list of pseudo-resolutions, a few things I intend to do in the near future, some of which I may even follow through with. A major redesign. […]