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Reverting to Pasta

I’ve been on the standards train for two years or so. In that time, the neurons and mesons of my development habits have been so thoroughly remapped that I have a really hard time thinking in old-school table-based ways. The transition to web standards brings on a fundamental change in how one approaches design challenges. […]


I just finished reading Syrup, the debut novel by clever young Aussie Max(x) Barry, who is in the early stages of what I hope grows into a long and successful career. He’s gained some recent notoriety for his second novel, Jennifer Government, which I also thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend. I loved Jenny Gov. enough […]

Bad Dream

I had a really strange nightmare last night. The details are kind of fuzzy, but I do remember the gist of it. I dreamed that I had gone back in time, or perhaps been transported to another dimension, it was hard to tell which. I was living in a place filled with millions of mindless […]