Mama’s Got a Brand New Blog

This weekend I finished the much-nagged-for redesign of Moment Ago, the weblog of Jolene Spry, PR pimpadelic cyberhottie gamer geekstress extraordinaire, who is also (amazingly enough) my best friend. I got her into blogging a few months back and set her up with WordPress. She’s got a design background, but primarily dealing with Flash, so… Continue reading Mama’s Got a Brand New Blog

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Noteworthy Referral Flood

Checking my shortstats this evening, I see I’ve been slammed with another referrer spam attack. 111 hits in the space of a few minutes, seemingly coming from a website which did not, in fact, link to mine. Not only did they hit my home page, but they crawled all the various links on it, finding… Continue reading Noteworthy Referral Flood

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The Death(s) of Comics

Comics in America have been on a 70-year sine wave, riding up and down in the public consciousness. Bursts of enormous success and popularity, followed by periods of dwindling sales and degraded quality, only to resurge again in connection with some new innovation or cultural paradigm shift. It’s been a bumpy and fascinating ride. American… Continue reading The Death(s) of Comics