Ubergeekery, Continued

When I fired up my laptop at the baseball game tonight, everyone laughed. Yet they were pretty keen to check it out, and seemed rather impressed that I was online and able to make a blog post. Most of the group gathered around to gawk and ooh and ahh at the sheer dorky coolness of a free wireless network in a sporting arena. Clearly I was not the only geek there.

My company holds a luxury skybox at SBC Park, primarily for the enjoyment of high-level executives and salesy types, legitimized by the occasional entertainment of high-rolling clients. But sometimes when the box isn’t being used by suits, we geeks in the trenches are treated to a night out, complete with expensed catering. Giving a team of web developers access to free beer and food is a sure way to boost morale and encourage company loyalty. Of course I’d rather have the quarterly incentive bonuses reinstated, but I’ll never turn down a free dinner.

There was an intimidating amount of food provided, but we packed away an impressive volume. When the game ended there was still quite a bit left over, and web geeks not being the type to squander free food, we loaded up as much as we could for the road–especially the fajitas, cookies and Rice Crispie treats. A good time was had by all.

Doggie bags