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Twin Warriors, The Girl Next Door, Velvet Goldmine

Ok, I’ve been slack, I admit. I’m renaming this category, since “Weekly Netflix” was quickly becoming a misnomer. I’m just not the type to keep up to a strict posting schedule. Now I’ll just write my capsule reviews whenever I get around to it, but still regularly I hope. Twin Warriors The plot: Two best […]

Ubergeekery, Continued

When I fired up my laptop at the baseball game tonight, everyone laughed. Yet they were pretty keen to check it out, and seemed rather impressed that I was online and able to make a blog post. Most of the group gathered around to gawk and ooh and ahh at the sheer dorky coolness of […]


Yep, I’m blogging from SBC Park via free WiFi and a laptop. My co-workers are making fun of me, and rightly so. I just get a kick out of mobile connectivity, sue me. I honestly couldn’t care less about baseball. It’s one of the most tediously boring professional sports imaginable. Even car racing is slightly […]