The Tweaking Continues

Well I finally got the archive page looking a bit more presentable, though eventually I’ll need to organize it better. Right now it’s just a massive list of all posts, but eventually I intend to hack something together to break it into three- or six-month chunks. When I launched not too long ago I had grand plans to post something every day, but that quickly fizzled under the combined pressures of work, life, laziness, and a sheer lack of ideas. Since then I’ve settled into a semi-weekly pattern, posting every four days or so at best.

The other recent addition is the installation of Inman’s ShortStat. My host provides stats via Webalizer but I have to access them through cPanel, which they have placed on some odd port, which my company firewall forbids access to. So I can’t check my stats from work unless I download the raw access logs by FTP, and that’s no fun. ShortStat is quite nifty and in the two days I’ve had it running I keep checking it obsessively. It’s somewhat depressing to see that the vast majority of my traffic comes from me.

Next up, I think I need to widen my site a bit… originally I quite liked the narrow column look, but I quickly discovered that my innate verbosity and predelicition toward lengthy paragraphs doesn’t quite jive properly with the skinny layout. So I’ll probably be adding a hundred pixels or so in the near future.

Either that or learn to write shorter paragraphs.