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Practicing Standards in a Non-Standard World

I’ve read a lot of articles and blog postings about the advantages of web standards, and the techniques and strategies for employing them. But in all my reading I haven’t come across an article that specifically addresses the issue of using standards in a team environment. Building a standards-compliant site when faced with a team […]

Looking the Part

I’m a geek, no denying it. I proudly proclaim it in fact. I make websites, I play video games, I read comics and science fiction. I have a blog. I can recall pointless minutae from cartoons I watched in the fifth grade but I can’t remember who won the Superbowl just a few months ago. […]

The Tweaking Continues

Well I finally got the archive page looking a bit more presentable, though eventually I’ll need to organize it better. Right now it’s just a massive list of all posts, but eventually I intend to hack something together to break it into three- or six-month chunks. When I launched not too long ago I had […]